22th to 27th sept 09   |  Español

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generative art artists

net art

digital communities

software art
        artificial life

Ars Electronica. Linz

Sould& Machines
        Art Futura

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Share. Torino

prog J. Krisa.Plymouth     

art-innovation call



Art - Science - Innovation - Technology - Society

International ESPACIO ENTER Call, a project of ART TECH MEDIA

Calling on all creatives of the world to participate.

                                                                         >registration closed

Submissions will be accepted from the following categories:


- Digital Communities

- Storytelling geoespatial

- Artificial Life

- Software Art

- Transgenic Art

- Generative Art

- Videogames

- Robotic

- Open Source


- Videocreation

- Net-art

- Animation,2D, 3D

- Blog, videoblog

- Creation for mobile platforms

- Videodance

- Works must have been produced after January 1st, 2008.
- The number of submissions is not limited.
- Works may be presented in any language.
  However, a transcript of dialogues must be included in either Spanish or English.
-The organization reserves the rights to use parts of the works for media   broadcasting, within the promotional framework of artechmedia.
- Following the process of selection based on abstratcs, all participants will be   notified in writing of the result and the required format for the presentation of their   work, preferably on DVD.
- Authors will be responsible for copyright of their works.
- Works selected will be exhibited in ESPACIO ENTER project of ART TECH MEDIA.
- A catalogue- book will be produced in Spanish and English
- Artists with works selected shall agree to assign a copy to ESPACIO ENTER   project of ART TECH MEDIA, which may be used in the subsequent exhibitions.
- The organization is not responsible for the content of works in order to preserve  

-Those interested in submitting work in these categories must send a completed   entry form.
- A part from the entry form, those interested in taking part in video art and computer   animation... must also send a DVD with their work to: 

project of ART TECH MEDIA
c/ Méndez Nuñez 102, 6ºD
38001 S/C Tenerife. Canary Island. Spain

DEADLINE: 30th june 2009

- Works presented will be selected by a committee of the organization.
- In each category a jury composed of experts will select the works.
- Jury's decision is final, and is not open to appeal.

SELECTED WORKS must include:
- Technical credits.
- Technical requirements for its showing.
- Two colour photographs of every work sent.
- A short biography of author or representative organization.
- A transcript of dialogues in spanish or english.
- All works must include in their front page: the work's title, the delivery
   address,  and the data of author or representative organization.
- In case of not providing a correct delivery address, the organization will not be
  responsible for the works.
- Submission of a work implies the acceptance of these regulations